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What type of relationship are you in?

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Love. We all desires it. It makes life so much more flavorful and exciting. The question we must ask ourselves is "How can I create the best relationship possible?"

Codependent: You focus on the other person to make you happy. You've given up your responsibility to make yourself happy and are swayed by how the other person is treating you. Most people grow out of this relationship when they realize they have to make themselves happy.

Independent: You focus on making yourself happy. It's when someone says, "I need to focus on myself and my own happiness." They spend a ton of time learning and growing but might come off cold as this is the time spend building confidence within themselves. They grow out of this type of relationships once their self-esteem has grown enough that they can focus on themselves & others.

Interdependent: This is by far the healthiest and easiest relationship to maintain. Both partners have established self-care and self-love so they no longer require the other person to do everyone or nothing. They are both there knowing they are complete and want to share a life from a healthy and loving place.

We all need to build up our confidence through coaching and learning so we can grow into owning interdependent relationships.

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