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Three Secrets To Becoming More Confident Through Life Coaching

Three Confidence Tips for The Overthinker

One thing I’ve noticed as a Life Coach is that a lot of my clients already have achieved a lot…However, they don’t own there strengths and accomplishments. They think it would be too self-centered and this holds them back from discovering what is truly possible. Here are three things for the overthinker to concentrate on.

Accepting Your Strengths 

You’ve already accomplished a lot. You have a lot of intelligence and skill, but you use it to look at your weaknesses or the things you haven’t accomplished yet. 

Instead, write down all the things you’ve accomplished. Include things like riding a bicycle, graduating from school, and getting a job. If we focus on your strengths, you will feel a boost of confidence. 

Everyone can accomplish more and we all have weaknesses. It’s important to be aware of these things, but not to be dragged down by them.


Who do you see yourself as? Have you ever seen a big dog get bullied by a small chihuahua? When your self image is low, you won’t do the things you can do. We must change the mind so you can start seeing yourself as the person who will naturally get the result you want. 

See yourself as a winner. See yourself as competent. See yourself walking confidently with your shoulders back and your chest raised. Feel yourself being the person you want to be today…stop waiting.

 Accept Imperfection

We all have weaknesses and flaws. It’s okay. It’s normal. We aren’t wrong or bad. Nobody is perfect so it’s time to accept you as an imperfect person we all are. 

Trying to be perfect stops us from taking risks since we want to don’t want to crumble this fantasy. When we know we are imperfect, we can fail and it’s totally okay. 

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