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How much does a life coach in Los Angeles charge?

How much does a life coach in Los Angeles charge? 

I’ve seen life coaches in Los Angeles charge $50 all the way to $2,000 per session.

Some coaches do packages and they typically charge less per session if you sign up for a longer period of time.

The most important question someone should be asking themselves is the following two questions: 

1) What do I want to accomplish? 

2) How much is that worth to me? 

Let’s say you have a goal to make an additional $40,000 that year. 

Now you can find a coach who can get you that under the $40,000 mark. 

Let’s say you pay the coach $10,000 for 6 months and you hit the goal. 

This means: 

$40,000 – $10,000 = $30,000 profit. 

If you have a goal such as feeling confident dating, you can come up with an amount that is worth it to you. How much are you willing to pay to solve this problem? 

Another important factor is to find someone who knows what they are doing. I would keep in mind that most of the best coaches charge more because they are focused on getting their coaching clients results. 

If you have any questions for business coaching or relationships coaching I am happy to answer them! 

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