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I Help Entrepreneurs and Executives Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence 

Stop Overthinking. Action is the Answer.

Are you an intelligent, talented professional who is missing out on opportunities because thoughts like these keep getting in your way?

“What if I fail?”

“I’m not good enough to ask for more money.”

“What if I say the wrong thing and look stupid?”

“I’m not ready yet, the timing isn’t perfect, I’ll wait…”

“I don’t know enough yet to start my business or start a group program.”

“Who am I to promote myself – to get on stage – to be seen?”


Maybe you’re thinking those exact thoughts, or maybe they just show up as procrastination or over-preparing for presentations. 


Consuming more videos, podcasts, or books isn’t the answer. You’ve already tried that.


What you do need is unshakeable self-confidence.  


So you can go after what you want, stop letting the ‘not enoughs’ limit your potential, and unlearn the fears keeping your life small.

It’s time to take action regardless of it being uncomfortable. (But we can make it less uncomfortable.)

My Radical Approach


It shouldn’t take years to eliminate trauma and fears.
Your thoughts cause you to feel fear or anxiety. If you think public speaking is dangerous, you’ll feel anxiety. If you think public speaking is fun, you’ll feel excited. I’ve brought together the most effective ways for you to change your perceptions so you are no longer scared by things that seemed so overwhelming. 

Self-compassion unlocks higher levels of achievement.
Relying on fear, scarcity, or self-judgment as motivators will eventually lead to burnout. Supporting yourself and practicing self-compassion can actually accelerate your growth and boost your confidence, enabling you to take greater risks.

Mindset is only as good as the actions you take.
I include action items between each of our sessions because ACTION is necessary for you to get the results you desire.

Hi, I'm John Logue

Growing up between Japan and Australia, I had a hard time finding where I fit in. I was taught how to talk, eat, dress, and “people please”, which made me lose touch with who I really was. I thought I could only be loved and appreciated if I was a “good kid” or if I did what everyone expected of me. Instead of figuring out what I wanted, I was always worried about what others thought of me and ended up being a total people pleaser.


I enrolled in the “right school,” secured the “right job,” and was in a relationship with the “right person,” ticking off all the boxes. However, I still didn’t experience the happiness I anticipated. Even after doing everything I was supposed to, I felt uncertain and lacked direction. So, I made the decision to abandon those expectations and figure out what was truly best for ME.


I tried most things under the sun to resolve my confidence problem. I did things like:


  • Ice-cold showers 

  • Breath work 

  • Affirmations “I am afraid of nothing!” 

  • Books (yes, I read The Secret too)

  • Seminars 

  • Ted Talks

  • Therapy 

  • Energy healing 

  • Massage 

  • Medicine

  • Dieting


And none of it made a lasting difference. It felt good at the time, but it didn’t make a permanent change. It was only when I hired a bunch of coaches and learned the best techniques for actually getting rid of fear at the deepest levels that I was able to change. I mastered these skills in my own life, and that led me to my true calling: Helping smart, capable people like you free yourself from irrational fears so you can voice your best ideas, go after what you want, and get out of your own way. 


Because life on the other side of fear is pretty great. 


Now, I try new things without needing to be perfect. I ask for what I want without hesitation (and very often get it). And I make choices regardless of what “other people think” — because I know what I think.

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My Confidence Coaching Will Transform Your

You're Not Alone

Hi, I’m John Logue the Confidence Life Coach.

People come to me to get them results. They want someone who can work on their mindset and take action toward their success.

I noticed how so many kind and intelligent people hesitated to ask for what they want and I’m here to change that! 

During our free 1hr minute discovery call we will:

  1. Understand what’s holding you back
  2. Clarify your goals and desires
  3. Provide you with a solution

Frequently Asked Questions About Confidence Coaching

My packages are available in 2-month, 6-month, and 1-year options. We meet every week for 90 minutes, followed by weekly action items to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

As a professional confidence coach, I do not diagnose or prescribe medication. My focus is on taking action and achieving specific goals, rather than just talking about your challenges.

I specialize in working with executives and entrepreneurs, but I am open to working with anyone who is committed to making significant changes in their life.

I do not accept insurance.

A subconscious part of you attached meanings to the things you’re afraid of. Like: “If I say the wrong thing in this live webinar, I’m going to embarrass myself, get canceled, lose my business, lose my house…”

Listen, webinars aren’t scary! They’re a neutral situation. People host them all the time, without losing their houses.

The thought you have about webinars isn’t quite rational… so we need an equally irrational solution! We need to shift the way you think about it, so you can shift how you feel about it.

We’ll look at how you came to such an interesting conclusion about that webinar… We figure out how you’d like to feel about that webinar. Then we bridge the gap by rewriting your story to make the action feel as safe as it really is.

To do this, we’ll be talking to a deeper part of you — the emotional part that creates the stories that keep you ‘safe’. It’s my job to negotiate with that part so you still feel safe, while also getting the job done.

During Our Consultation We will:


Discover what has been getting in your way from achieving your goals.


Create a plan to solve your challenges so you can start getting results.


Determine what you want to achieve and how you want to live.

Become The Person You Were Meant To Be

Too many people are left unsatisfied because they do what they think other people want them to do. Success entails feeling comfortable in your own skin and being congruent with your values.

Find Your Purpose

Get clear on exactly what you want in your life and your next steps to achieving something meaningful.

Upgrade Your Mind

Overcome negative thinking, master your emotions, and see your challenges in a completely different light

Get More Results

With the upgraded confidence and self-worth, you will naturally approach life with a new determination that leads to more success.

Increase Happiness

When you feel true self-love and importance, you will no longer need to chase validation and your gratitude will multiple.

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