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How to feel confident asking for money

When it comes to growing your business and setting prices, the key is to clearly explain why customers should invest in what you offer. Pricing isn’t just about numbers; it’s about showing the value you provide. If customers see that your product or service gives them more benefits than the cost, they’re likely to go for it. But if the cost seems higher than the benefits, they might look for other options.

To explain why someone should invest in your offerings, think about the problem you’re solving for them. For example, if a pipe leak is making their water bill go up by $1,000, any solution under $1,000 makes sense. You can also look at the long-term impact, like $12,000 per year, to understand their problem better.

Once you know their problem, think about the joy your service brings. For instance, if someone wants to take their family to Disneyland and it costs $500, explain why your product or service is worth more than that.

Keep your message simple. Say something like, “Our (product/service) will solve (pain) and give you (pleasure) for only (cost).” This makes it easy to communicate and shows your unique value.

Understanding your customer’s problems and joys makes talking to them easier. Confidence comes from knowing the value of your service and being able to explain it clearly. By understanding their perspective and presenting your solution confidently, you can show your value effectively.

If you’re unsure about your prices, it might be because you’re not clear on the value you offer. When you truly see the value, you’ll be confident when talking about your product or service. Build your confidence, master pricing, and let your value shine in every interaction.

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