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Interviewing Tipd from a Business Life Coach that will boost your career confidence.

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Interviewing tips from a Life Coach

Here are a few ways to overcome the fear of interviewing: 

1) It’s not personal

Interviewing is about finding the right match. Much like dating, everyone isn’t the right match. 

If we realize this, we are able to see if things don’t go the way you’d like, it’s okay. 

Rather, forcing yourself into an organization that doesn’t match you will create an unhappy career. 

2) People want you to do well

Both parties have taken time out of their business schedules.

It’s helpful to remember that they want you to do well so they can be done with the searching process. 

They aren’t there to tear you to shreds. Even if they ask an intense question, they are hoping you answer it calmly.

Take your time and know that you both want the same thing. 

3) The interview goes both ways

Interviewing isn’t just about them interviewing you.

They aren’t in a superior position. 

After all, both parties need something from each other. 

Focus on seeing if the company is a right match, rather than if you are the right match for them. 

Remind yourself of the things you want. Being focused on a good match, relieves the tension from pretending to be someone you aren’t. 

4) Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

You won’t be ready for every question. However, if you can get 80% of the basics down, it’ll give you a lot of ease. 

This preparation will also allow you to answer questions that you might not be prepared for in a similar manner. 

For example, “What’s your biggest weakness” can be substituted for “What skill would you like to develop?”

If you don’t prepare, it doesn’t matter how confident you are, you will be using up more brain power than necessary. 

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