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How Can Confidence Help Me Make More Money in Business?

  • Asking for a raise

Did you know that more than 50% of people don’t ask for a raise? People have reported that they feel uncomfortable speaking about money.

Asking for a raise is really about seeing your self-worth and showing how you are contributing to your company. What have you done? How is the company or client benefiting from you?

If you run your own business, you will also gain the confidence to ask for more from your clients. Are you getting paid what you’re worth?

  • Selling more products to your clients

People who show confidence in themselves, transfer that confidence toward their product. Their certainty is contagious and people want a piece of that. When you are certain that the customer will receive a benefit from your product, you don’t hesitate to ask them for an order.

Your language also naturally changes! My clients have changed the way they sell their services. Here’s an example:

Before confidence coaching: “This product might help you with your problem.”

After confidence coaching: “I highly recommend this product because I know it will help you get the result you have been looking for and solve your problem.”

Who would you buy from?

  • Earlier Promotions

When you act like a leader, people treat you like one. Confident people tend to naturally rise to the top because they are the first ones to take one projects. They know they are capable and that puts their colleagues at ease.

This results in her naturally taking on more difficult task that are for the position she has been looking to fill. People see this as normal as she has been doing this for quite some time.

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