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How Can Confidence Help Me Make More Money in Business?

Increasing Your Business Through Coaching

Increasing Your Prices

Did you know that more than 50% of people don’t ask for a raise? People have reported that they feel uncomfortable speaking about money.

Asking for more money is really about seeing your self-worth and showing how your services are impacting the person you are working with. 

What benefits have your customers already received? 

What’s the price of the relief the person has gained from you helping them out?


Selling with Confidence

When exude confidence, you show it in the way you promote your product or service. 

One of my clients used to say: “I’m not sure if I can help you because results vary.” 

He knew his product was amazing, but always held back. 

After doing confidence life coaching, he changed his attitude and say: “I can help you resolve your problem and will do whatever it takes.”

If you have a product or service that helps others, you should shout it from the hill tops. Holding back is not “humble”, it’s selfish. If you have something that can help someone, take a step forward and do so!


Taking on larger projects

There are things we know would grow our business, but sometimes we shy away from them.

I had a client who was a real estate agent. She wanted to take on houses that were in the higher seven figures, but kept aiming low. 

Once she was able to realize that she had the skill to sell larger projects, she started calling up more expensive properties and received new contracts. 

Is there something you’ve wanted to do, but have been holding yourself back from? 

Take the next step, however small it is, and make it happen. 

If you think life coaching can help you, reach out to me!


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