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Stop Trying to fit in...You don't want to

Fitting in sounds great…it sounds safe…it sounds easy, but it eats away at the best qualities of you. 

Children are full of energy because they are being themselves. 

They aren’t worried about what people think because societal expectations haven’t forced itself upon them yet. 

They have defined characteristics that make them unique, and we enjoy their differences. 

We then grow up and have to fit a certain mold to fit it…but it’s not meant to end there. 

We are meant to learn the rules of the game, and re-expand who we are afterwards, but some people get trapped. 

Think of all the successful business leaders.

They are different. They stand out. They are admired because they are different. 

If you want to advance in your field, be bold and different. 

There are too many people who work hard but aren’t recognized. 

Being rich is not fitting in. Being happy is not fitting in. Being healthy is not fitting in. 

Therefore, not fitting in is a treasure. 

Fitting in is being unhealthy, unhappy, and poor so screw fitting in. 

Take it upon you to say “I don’t want to fit it because it sucks.” 

Life coaching is about not fitting into a mold of average people. It’s about going beyond and achieving more. 

If you aren’t fitting in, you’re on a good track. It means you will be noticed…and you want to be noticed as a business leader. 

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