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Hi, I'm John Logue

Growing up between Japan and Australia, I struggled to find a sense of belonging. I was instructed on how to talk, eat, dress, and behave, which caused me to lose touch with my true identity. Instead of asking myself what I wanted, I constantly worried about how others perceived me. 

However, my experiences of being insecure most of my life have led me to discover my purpose in life: to help others rediscover their authentic selves and live a life of freedom, success, and genuineness. 

Am I flawless? No. 

But am I content and joyful? Absolutely.


I was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Australian father.

While they did their best, I couldn’t be myself and learned to suppress my dreams to please them.

I stopped being the energetic kid I naturally was and started people pleasing to be liked by others.

Being a “good boy” got me attention from my parents, but I dimmed the true brightness within me.


I graduated from a prestigious university and worked at jobs I didn’t like because it made me look “successful.”

I lived near the beach and could afford most things, but something was missing and I was very unhappy.

I felt so angry and confused because I had done the right thing. Right? I “should” be happy.

After months of frustration I hired a lifecoach who helped me figure out what truly made me happy and supported me in healing my childhood wounds. 

Once I discovered MY PURPOSE, life became a lot easier because I finally had direction. 

The best part was living for me. This allowed me to start living an exciting life because I was doing the things that fit me and made me HAPPY. 

I decided to help others overcome people pleasing and create more wealth doing something they love.

"The only person stopping you from success is youRSELF."

Let’s reprogram your mind so it starts to naturally get you the things you want, instead of having doubtful thoughts that hold you back. 


Finding my inner cowboy

When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a cowboy. 

I had the hat and the fake pistols on my belt. I was proud!

When I told my grandpa, who wanted me to play baseball, about my dream, he said “it’s dangerous – play baseball.”

Naively, I gave up on my dream. 

I also gave up my dream to become a DJ because my mum and dad said “it wasn’t a safe and steady career.” 

I gave up on MY DREAMS, but that will be the last time. 

How is your past impacting your life today?

Who would you be if you could choose?

I never fit in

I went to a Japanese preschool with over 200 kids and I was the only half-Japanese kid. I was called foreigner and felt like I didn’t fit in because of my looks.

When I moved to Australia at the age of 4, I started kindergarten without being able to speak a word of english. I got teased during a presentation and I cried when I went home.

To top it off, I went to three high schools in three different countries. 

Do you feel like you fit in? 

If you don’t, I want to help you feel at home everywhere because that’s what you deserve.

Ready to succeed more in life?


People come to me to get them results.