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The Truth About Anxiety

Anxiety only exists in your mind.

There’s a reason why people get anxious. Do you know your reason?

It might be public speaking or talking to someone who intimidates you.

The reason you get anxious is because you believe things won’t go well.

Think about it. Do you get anxious showering alone?

Anxiety can be tied in with performance.

Most of my clients have ways in which they have to perform.

These rules they set themselves makes them anxious.

“I can’t mess up.” “I have to do it perfectly.” “I have to sound intelligent.”

All of these thoughts bring MASSIVE PRESSURE.

Through my confidence coaching, I show you that it is okay to get nervous.

It is okay to feel scared or unsure.

Ironically, when you are allowed to feel scared, you no longer will feel scared.

Reach out to me if you or someone you love has anxiety!

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