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How to ask for a raise

Before you go an ask for a raise, answer these three coaching questions:

  1. How am I contributing to the company’s profit?
  2. How will it be in their best interest to pay me more?
  3. How much money am I going to ask for?

Once you’ve answered the questions, here are the next steps to take:

  1. Set up a meeting with the supervisor or the client
  2. Show how you’ve impacted the bottom line of the business
  3. Share the desired raise with confidence
  4. Explain why it makes sense to them.

For example,

  1. “Hey Ryan, I can we set up some time to talk about my performance?”
  2. “I’m really proud of exceeding our quarterly goal by $300,000.
  3. “Since I’ve brought in $700,000 this year, I’d like to see if it was possible to raise my compensation by 15%.
  4. The 15% will easily be covered by the $300,000 extra I brought in and I’m positive I’ll continue to the grow the account. Does that sound like a fair deal?

This shows the supervisor that:

  1. They should keep you around as long as possible.
  2. You are bringing in a lot more than they are paying you
  3. It would be more profitable for them to keep you happy.

The important part is being able to say it confidently.

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