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How to Choose a Life Coach

Does your life coach coach really know what they are doing?

I’ve worked privately with many business, sales, voice, marketing, and happiness coaches.

The two main things I look for in a coach are:

1) Do they have what I’m looking for? 

Do they walk the talk? Can the singing coach sing?

If someone is teaching happiness, make sure they seem happy. Ask them what they would PERSONALLY do if an unhappy situation occurred. Make sure they are the real deal.

Ask yourself, do I want to think and react like this person?

2) Are they able to give me what I want?

Being great basketball player doesn’t necessarily make a great basketball coach.

Can this person create the change I want? I would ask for a consultation session or speak with them ahead of time to see how they plan on helping you with your challenge.

Make sure to listen to their confidence level. I’ve heard too many people say “We don’t know, it’s all up to you.” This is true, it is up to you, but the uncertainty makes me a bit worried.

If they say, “I am certain we can boost your confidence. The speed at which you grow is up to you, but I have helped many people get there!” I am a lot more likely to invest in this person.

Give me a call if you have any questions.

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